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  1. Mary’s miracle

    What if Mary Tudor’s first pregnancy was real?
  2. Henry VIII’s heiress

    What if Anne Boleyn died for her 1534 miscarriage, leaving Henry VIII as widower with only a small daughter as heiress? Here Henry VIII has NOT yet tired of Anne, and she was dead while Catherine was still alive meaning who Henry need to remarry quickly for a son and Elizabeth’s legitimacy can...
  3. Guatemalan Revolutionary

    "The Imperial Eagle Over England" A Habsburg Britain TL
    Threadmarks: Of Eagles and Roses

    After bringing England back to the catholic flock, queen Mary married Philip of Spain, a young lad with an astonishing look that delighted the queen, she got pregnant in the first month of 1554, the pregnancy lasted almost ten months, which made most of the courtiers doubt of the veracity of...
  4. Maria, Queen of Spain and Isabella, Princess of Asturias

    What if Mary Tudor lived longer than OTL, causing the match between her stepson don Carlos and Elisabeth of France going ahead as originally planned? If Henry II still died in the tournament for Elisabeth‘s wedding and Francis II of France also died after a short reign, Marie Stuart would be...
  5. Mary, Queen and Empress
    Threadmarks: POD

    What will happen if Edward, Prince of Wales died in 1540, followed shortly after by his devastated father? With Henry VIII dead in 1541, Catherine Howard would be the Dowager Queen, a young and rich widow free to remarry, while Mary Tudor will follow his father as Queen. In OTL Mary, after...
  6. King Edward’s great matter
    Threadmarks: Part 1 - Early 1483

    .After being forced to sign the Treaty of Arras and consigning to France his daughter Margaret and a consistent part of his late wife‘s inheritance Maximilian decided to remarry to Elizabeth of York (niece of his stepmother-in-law, older sister of his son‘s fiancée and rejected bride of the...