spanish screw? maybe

  1. GauchoBadger

    WI: Habsburg victory in the Spanish Succession War

    What if the Habsburg faction in the continent-wide struggle for Spain's throne after Carlos II's death had somehow won in the end? What are the overall effects on Europe? In my view, Britain was as wary of a surgent France (as per OTL) as of a resurgent Habsburg hegemony. Thus, i could...
  2. Karolus Rex

    The Prussia of The South - A Portuguese TL

    Before I post the Prelude of this new TL, I will answer a few self made questions. Q. Why haven't you updated your current TL? A. Writer's block, tests and did I mentioned Writer's block? Q. Are you abandoning your current TL? A. Absolutely no. I will put it on hiatus and I expect to do a...