spanish succession war

  1. WI: Impacts of the Iberic Union after the 17th century

    Possibilities: A)América 1) The kingdom of all the Spains (Iberic Union), after a few decades of civil war, stabilizes and focuses on the recovery of Portuguese colonial domains lost to the English, French and Dutch. 2) Dutch reconquest the brazilian northeast and Angola after a few years of...
  2. mazzil68

    WI: France wins the War of Spanish Succesion

    What would happen if France won the war and had a personal union with Spain?
  3. GauchoBadger

    WI: Habsburg victory in the Spanish Succession War

    What if the Habsburg faction in the continent-wide struggle for Spain's throne after Carlos II's death had somehow won in the end? What are the overall effects on Europe? In my view, Britain was as wary of a surgent France (as per OTL) as of a resurgent Habsburg hegemony. Thus, i could...
  4. GauchoBadger

    PC: Franco-Spanish Personal Union after the Treaty of Utrecht

    At the end of the Spanish Succession War (1700-1714), the Treaty of Utrecht was signed as a compromise between both factions that fought in it -- Philip, Duke of Anjou (Louis XIV's grandson) was confirmed into the spanish throne, but was also obligated to renounce any future claims to the throne...
  5. Spanish Succession War WI: Bavaria isn't restored?

    OK so this is something I've recently came across and it appears that no one has ever mentioned/explored the idea before. So during the Spanish succession war Emperor Josef I (1705-1711) sequestered a number of states whose Princes had sided with the French. These included Mantua, Montferrat...
  6. Spanish Succession War: WI France conquered Turin in 1706?

    What if, during the War of Spanish Succession (1700-1714), the French army led by de la Feuillade managed to conquer the Citadel of Turin and beat off the relief army lead by the Duke of Savoy Vittorio Amedeo and by Prince Eugen? The POD could be that on the 30th of August 1706 Piedmontese...