spanish succession

  1. JonasResende

    WI: A Third Wife for D. Felipe IV

    In 1651, after the birth of the Infanta Margarita Teresa, the queen of Spain, D. Mariana of Austria, was ill and took a long time to recover from the birth (according to the Velasquez bio I'm reading at the moment, Velasquez was supposed to paint her when he returned from Rome, but due to her...
  2. Gwachiko

    WI: No War of Spanish Succession (1702)

    What would have happened had Charles II not annulled the renunciations imposed on Maria Theresa and had not fixed the entire inheritance on the younger grandson of Louis XIV, Philip of Anjou?
  3. GauchoBadger

    WI: Habsburg victory in the Spanish Succession War

    What if the Habsburg faction in the continent-wide struggle for Spain's throne after Carlos II's death had somehow won in the end? What are the overall effects on Europe? In my view, Britain was as wary of a surgent France (as per OTL) as of a resurgent Habsburg hegemony. Thus, i could...
  4. GauchoBadger

    PC: Franco-Spanish Personal Union after the Treaty of Utrecht

    At the end of the Spanish Succession War (1700-1714), the Treaty of Utrecht was signed as a compromise between both factions that fought in it -- Philip, Duke of Anjou (Louis XIV's grandson) was confirmed into the spanish throne, but was also obligated to renounce any future claims to the throne...
  5. JonasResende

    WI: Seville Instead of Cadiz

    OTL Isabel II's marriage (and that of her younger sister) caused quite a bit of tension between France and Britain. The British wanted one prince, Louis Philippe another, and basically how it ended up was that Isabel was married to Francisco d'Asis, Duke of Cadiz, with the marriage of her...