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  • Quote of the Month: "For what I want to believe in, the only thing that I believe in is my own brain, but often times, you can't help yourself." - Me, Gacha Hell
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  • I have an idea for your eventual Islam-wank TL: SI King of Champa beats back the Vietnamese conquest and reverses its tide, paves the way for Champa's future domination of mainland Southeast Asia and the conversion of mainland Southeast Asia's population to Islam.
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    Why would you give this idea to me LOL? If it came to me, I would not even let the Islamic conversion of Champa from Hinduism happen and would instead make a Hindu-Buddhist empire in SEA which would go on to conquer Southern China, parts of Tibet and parts of India x'D
    CEL 2
    The potential irony of you making an Islam-wank scenario that has muslims as the underdogs was too good to pass up.